Residency Incubator Model

The RIM is designed for planter who have not lived in context for 1 year prior to their work and need to establish their foundation for planting. The RIM typically is a one year program that leads a planter into either a High Capacity plant or a Bi-Vocational Organic plant.

RIM planters have the benefit of a cluster of pastors who help the Resident learn their context, develop ministry partnerships and mature personally and professionally for the work of church planting.

RIM planters are supported through a variety of sources which may include denominational, congregational, regional and bi-vocational funds. RIM planters are actively working on their church plant during their residency with a priority of their energy given to building relationships in their ministry context. They may also be working to strengthen personal and professional areas critical to church planting success.

RIM planters are evaluated regularly particularly at the close of their 1 year residency to discern readiness to move into full planting work.

For more information on the Resident Incubator Model contact Ben Ingebretsen RCA or Pete Kelder CRC.