Organic Bi-vocational Model

The OBM is designed for planters who may or may not have been in their context prior to planting. This model is a conditional funding program that provides limited outside funds to a bi-vocational church planter when they reach specific ministry benchmarks. There are no necessary time frames for achievement of those benchmarks.

The goal of the OBM is a self sustaining congregation of 50-100 adults. If the planter achieves less, the plant can self sustain with the planter’s bi-vocational work. If the plant achieves more, the plant can move on to launch as a High Capacity plant with potential further outside funding.

The developmental benchmarks of an OBM include the formation of weekly discipleship small groups, matching donations from attendees and the formation of a leadership and launch team.

OBM church plants are evaluated regularly for their progress. At any time a OBM plant could shift to become a High Capacity Model based on ministry advancement.

For more information on the Bi-Vocational Organic Model contact Ben Ingebretson RCA or Pete Kelder CRC